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Nova Trade Finance: Your Import and Export Solution

Nova Trade Solutions

Import/Export Funding

Import Finance

What is it?

Many Australian businesses are realizing just how small the world is becoming and the opportunities that are out there; if only you had the money.

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If you have an existing import business or would like to start importing from overseas but can’t afford to have all your working capital tied up in goods that are in transit; NBF can assist with Import Trade Finance to provide the capital required whilst your stock is in transit.

This releases working capital to be used in your business on a day to day basis so that you can grow your business even further and not be constrained because your working capital is tied up on ports and docks around the world.

Further you can create discounts by paying suppliers quicker and even on COD term. This normally creates discounts more than offsetting cost of the financier.

  • Purchase larger orders, achieving further discounts; without financial stress
  • Increase stock turnover without effecting cash flow
  • Costs varies according to risk and how quickly the facility is required.

Export Finance

What is It?

Nova Business Finance can help with trade finance for exporters; large and small.

If you have an existing market; or plan to open one; talk to us at Nova Business Finance.

Nova Business Finance has extensive contacts around the world and particularly strong relationships in the Asia Pacific region and the U.S., that can assist with trade insurance and finance to secure your payments and speed up the payment cycle so you can grow your business even faster.

Visit www.nbf.com.au

For More information contact jeremy@nbf.com.au

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