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Nova Premium Funding

Nova Premium Funding

Insurance Premium Funding?

What is it?

Spreading the cost of your business insurance premiums out regular payments.

NBF can settle your insurance premiums on your behalf, then you pay us back over the next 3 to 10 months. The Client selects the term.

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It’s an easy way to spread the cost of insurance, smoothing your cash flow and helping you retain the funds you need for other financing and day-to-day operating costs.

Nova Premium Funding can help to avoid large insurance bills that need to be paid in one lump sum by offering a flexible and convenient way to spread insurance costs into smaller monthly payments.

Nova Premium Funding is flexible and can be structured to meet the financial needs of your business.

Benefits of Nova Premium Funding:

  • Retain working capital
  • Fixed flat cost – tax deductible
  • No loan security cost – the policy itself is the security
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Various repayment methods

NBF arranges payment of your insurance premiums by the due date, on your behalf and you repay in monthly instalments. Our funding option can be extended to most types of commercial insurance.

Visit www.nbf.com.au

For more information contact jeremy@nbf.com.au

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