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  • 2009 BUDGET (some) Good News for business
    Posted on Sunday, May 17th, 2009 in Financial Planning for your business – Comments: (0)
    Good news from the Federal Budget for business owners You may have heard the good news regarding the Investment allowance for new or demonstrator motor vehicles. There is a window now available for small business owners (with turnover under $2m p.a.) to claim a one off 50% investment allowance as a tax deduction when purchasing an eligible business asset (eg. motor vehicles, plant & equipment etc.) for $10,000 or more.  This is an increase from the 30% previously announced, and is backdated for purchases from December, 2008.   This investment allowance is in addition to the standard 10% GST, 20% Depreciation, Interest and running costs etc. which are also deductible.  Effectively, this means that in certain circumstances, business owners may be able to claim around 80 – 85% of the purchase price within the first twelve months which is a great incentive to buy a new car now. Of course, I am unable to provide taxation advice and clients should refer to their own accountant for individual advice based on their own circumstances.
  • Plan ahead …. and be a survivor!
    Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2009 in Financial Planning for your business – Comments: (0)
    Surviving the Recessions…… the Global Financial Crisis visits Australia! The pace of business is fast at the best of times. Unfortunately, the GFC has dramatically increased the speed at which business conditions can change which is forcing astute business leaders to undertake a range of risk management strategies to protect their businesses.Market conditions are unstable, predicting the future is difficult and many executives echo the thoughts of Reserve Bank of Australia Board Member Graham Kraehe that ‘the economic climate has made forecasting earnings nigh on impossible’.We are seeing evidence of companies being sideswiped by a major change to their business and because they start to work on the problem after the event, by the time they have come up with potential solutions the impact has caused serious damage to earnings, cash flow and the overall viability of the business.Regardless of your business size or industry, it is essential to be undertaking detailed financial modelling and “what if” scenario testing to ascertain how various sudden changes in market conditions will affect your business and more importantly, what initiatives will management deploy to combat these challenges.
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